Master of The House

Welcome to our new range….

Master of The House

Every man knows that to have swag, you must look and smell the part. The House of Damask helps tick the boxes with our specialty range inspired by the Master of our house for the Master of yours. Our range features the everyday specialty soap ‘Mr Marshall’ and our keep it stylin’ ‘shaving soap’, both ensure that the Master and the Madame of The House are satisfied.

Click on an image to open the full gallery with details about prices, scents and so on.

If you would like to order any of these items, please contact us.

Mr Marshall 100gm- RRP $5

Mr Marshall 100gm- RRP $5

Our Mr Marshall scented soap is a sexy, masculine, cologne-fragranced soap. Featuring a goats milk soap base with Australian green clay from scone NSW, this soap naturally draws toxins and gently cleanses making it great for the face (as we all know how hard it is to get the Mr to properly cleanse his face) and body.

Shaving Soap 100gm- RRP $15

Shaving Soap 100gm- RRP $15

Our shaving soap is a stunning and practical. Featuring a coconut oil soap base with castor oil and bentonite clay, this soap promotes moisture and softening skin properties while naturally drawing toxins. Our shaving soap provides a luxurious soft and creamy lather to make shaving a breeze. Teamed up with our natural bristle shaving brush it makes a great gift or just an everyday practical, yet indulgent shaving soap.





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